Research methods, statistics & epidemiology


Research methods are the cornerstone of scientific research. Advanced knowledge of quantitative research methods is often a requirement for passing the dissertation component in many university degree programmes of study.

Epidemiology is not equivalent to statistics; rather, it applies statistical methods and medical reasoning to health and medical applications. Epidemiology and biostatistics are frequently a stumbling block for medical, pharmacology and health sciences students.

Our statistics tutors have qualifications in mathematics and related fields with the focus on statistics on MSc level and above. Our epidemiology specialists, on the other hand, rather possess MSc- or PhD-level qualifications in both medical and mathematical sciences with focus on epidemiology or medical statistics.

Have a statistical question from your stats module mock exam which you’d like our tutor to walk you through? In process of completing your dissertation and need advice on research methods or statistics? Have an assignment in epidemiology coming up and want help with some epidemiology stuff? Ask our tutors, they will be glad to assist you.

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Educational / research
Tutoring in (medical) statistics: Need help with an epidemiology or statistics assignment or struggling with a research project? Ask our epidemiology and statistics tutors for advice.