Terms of service


Our terms are straightforward and consist of several rules:

  • Tutoring sessions are to be paid in advance.
  • Hourly rates range from £50 to £200 (or equivalent amounts in other currencies) depending on the topic, level of difficulty, intensity of learning, requests for customization, delivery date and the amount of preparation required. We will always inform you about the applicable rates once we process your tuition request.
  • Sample essays and topical reviews are available for purchase in our online shop; please refer to pricing for each individual item.
  • All prices are VAT inclusive and there are no hidden costs.
  • If clients request particular articles or papers to be produced in different languages, translation fees will be included into the invoice.
  • Tutoring sessions booked in advance can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. If we are informed by a tutee that they cannot attend a particular session with a less than 24 hours notice, the whole hour of tuition will be charged.
  • If a tutee requests tutoring cancellation, we will cancel all the prepaid hours and make a reimbursement within 10 days from the date of cancellation. Cancellation applies, however, to any projects requiring more than 5 hours of tutor’s time provided that the work on the project has not been started as yet. For prepaid tuition of less than 5 hours, no reimbursement is foreseen; in such cases, tuition can be postponed and retaken within 2 calendar years from the date of initial booking. We allow change of subject for postponed tutoring hours.
  • Projects are assessed by approximating the load our staff requires to complete all the necessary operations. Even though we provide a detailed record of the number of hours to complete each operation in our offer letter and/or in the corresponding invoice, the presented project hour count is for reference only. Projects are to be invoiced and paid per stage (for longer-lasting projects) or per project (for smaller projects with immediate delivery date) in advance; i.e., we don’t bill projects on hourly basis. Projects are initiated only after the corresponding invoice has been paid by a customer.
  • Blog and report writing as well as proofreading services are considered to be projects, and are billed per article or paper rather than on hourly basis. Each paper is to be paid upfront in full before our specialists start working on a new order. Unpaid projects are not being completed by our staff, and are being cancelled until future notice.
  • One free revision is included in the price.
  • No change of topic or conditions is allowed once project has already been initiated. We therefore advise our clients to contact us with well-throught requirements as they cannot be changed later on.
  • Email tutoring is a paid service and is billed similarly to chat tutoring sessions.
  • Tutoring is to be ordered in bundles of 4, 5, 10 or 20 lessons. Stand-alone hours can be booked by new clients (1-2 hours introductory tuition). Returning clients should book at least 4 hours of tuition to benefit from the invoiced price. Stand-alone hours requiring extensive preparation will be accepted only if the client is willing to cover preparation and customization time of our tutor(s).
  • Returning customers get up to 10% discount on their new orders.
  • Tutoring is offered exclusively online and can be done on Skype, via email or in our own chat system.


  • We respect confidentiality of our clients, and never pass any personal information to third parties.
  • We delete any personal records after 6 months from the last day of tuition. However, we keep information about paid invoices for longer periods of time to comply with bookkeeping requirements.
  • We accept anonymous counselling. As we keep payment receipts, however, one needs to make sure that payment includes the invoice number instead of the name of the payer in such cases.

Available payment options:

  • Bank transfer (wire transfer/ACH: you will be informed of our bank account details once you place an order with us)
  • Immediate bank transaction via Sofort banking (you will use the Sofort banking interface to pay directly from your bank account by logging into your bank)
  • Payment with a debit or credit card via Transferwise (you will need to create a free account with Transferwise before making any payments with them)
  • Payment with a debit or credit card via PayPal (this payment option is available only for downloadable products in our sample essay shop)

Payment conditions:

We reserve the right to assign applicable payment methods to our clients on our discretion.

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Terms and conditions of service
Research services: Terms and conditions. Tutoring sessions are to be paid in advance. Ourly rates range from £50 to £200 depending on the topic, level of difficulty, intensity of learning, requests for customization, delivery date and the amount of preparation required.
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